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Program Director of Natural Resources

Transect is looking for an experienced professional with deep knowledge of environmental consulting who is excited to leave the world of billable hours behind and help us build the environmental compliance tools of the future. Transect is an online software with a vision to balance the conservation of the natural world with the needs of the built world by automating archaic environmental compliance processes. We focus on the natural resources vertical within the umbrella of "environmental compliance," which includes protected species, wetlands, cultural resources, protected areas, sensitive landscapes, (and so many more), and their associated regulations and permits. We started in 2017, we are venture-backed (i.e. we're solid on funding), and we are growing fast!

To succeed in this role, you must have excellent project management skills, a penchant for thinking outside the box, and at least a high-level understanding of how GIS data and/or databases are organized. Additionally, your technical experience must be outstanding - the ideal candidate has substantial first-hand permitting experience with natural resources regulations like Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, NEPA, NHPA, as well as other state and local regulations. Experience with other land development regulations and processes is appreciated.

You'll spend your days:

  • Making our product better. We are building an awesome product that automates environmental compliance processes for multiple industries, so your input is paramount! We need the perspective of someone with vast experience as an environmental consultant working with a variety of industry clients to drive new product ideas. You will work in tandem with product and engineering on future features and products in the Transect application.

  • Serving as our in-house natural resources/environmental expert. You'll be in the in-house go-to for all environmental-related questions, from customer service trying to answer a user question about a USACE permit to a product trying to understand how to better display species GIS data.

  • Building content. There's a lot of content we have to put in the application - regulation descriptions, permits, timelines, species profiles, GIS data, and so so so much more. You'll take point on leading our content team in producing this content for input into our proprietary report-creation platform, as well as QA/QC-ing that content.

  • Strategy and goal-setting. This job comes with a lot of latitude to help build out the next generate of Transect products, but do to that, there has to be a plan! You'll need to plan, create, and execute objectives and key results (OKRs), timelines, and deliverables to meet overall company objectives.

  • Keeping up with industry trends. Transect is always serving the best available information to our customers. You'll be required to maintain a rich understanding of market and industry happenings, including changing laws and regulations and updating the application accordingly.

  • Building our thought leadership. You will contribute to company thought leadership through blogs, webinars, client outreach, and other “top-of-mind” communication avenues

  • Leading the content team. You will build, teach, inspire, motivate, and encourage your content team, ensuring that each team member has the knowledge, tools, resources, and support they need to accomplish their goals.

  • Minding the details. You will keep a daily pulse on team action items to ensure that your team's tasks and deadlines are met.

  • Support the sales and marketing teams, including vetting industry contacts and attending onboarding, demos, and customer calls or meetings.

  • Occasional wetlands (CWA 404) and species (ESA) consulting projects are available – we consider these projects to be continuing education opportunities and encourage all levels of environmental staff to participate (and we don’t track billable hours, yay!)

The ideal candidate:

  • Enjoys leading teams and managing staff
  • Gets excited to learn about new technologies
  • Enjoys thinking creatively and problem-solving
  • Has at least 8 years of natural resources consulting experience (academic experience does not count)
  • Has proof of wetland delineation training (if you don't have this, you probably aren't a natural resources consultant).

Future opportunities and responsibilities are limitless and largely depend on where our customers drive the product roadmap. Role may diversify into new industry verticals, new land development applications, and new product growth.

We are headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, with employees also in Austin and Houston. The ideal candidate lives in central Texas, but we are open to filling this position out of state/remote.

Compensation: $120,000.00 - $150,000.00 per year

Email careers@transect.com if you're interested in hearing more!