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Real-Time Environmental
Due Diligence

Site Selection + Critical Issues Analysis for Energy, Real Estate, and Infrastructure Projects

Environmental Due Diligence Solutions

If you impact land, environmental rules and regulations apply. Everyone knows that. The trouble is finding out about them before they ruin your project. Transect tells you everything you need to know about environmental problems on your development projects, which regulations apply, what permits you need, and the next steps that make it all a breeze.

All with just a few clicks.
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Reports + Vision

The most powerful environmental due diligence tool available.

Transect Reports

Environmental Reporting

A map of environmental data is helpful, sure - but what does the data mean for your project's footprint, budget, and timeline?  Transect Reports show you not only what environmental issues are on your site, but also teach you what to do about it.
Here’s how it works:

Choose a site anywhere in the US and you’ll get a comprehensive evaluation of:

Overall Concern Levels
Protected Land & Waters
Species of Concern
Active Regulations
Permit Requirements
Recommended Next Steps
And Much More!

Best of all?
It’s crazy accurate, and only takes about 90 seconds to generate.

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Environmental Due Diligence Reports
Environmental Due Diligence Diagram
Transect Vision

Environmental Mapping

Don't waste your resources chasing the wrong sites. Transect Vision gives you a comprehensive birds-eye view into important environmental and infrastructure data that helps you pick the right site for your project the first time. 
Here’s how it works: 

Simply pan our map to find or select the site you’re considering for development. Then, use Transect Vision to see:

Contours & Slopes
Species Hot Spots
Floodplains & Wetlands
NRHP Cultural Sites
EPA Registered Facilities
Parcels & Protected Lands
Facilities & Infrastructure
And Much More!


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“My life (and my potential at what I do professionally) are now defined as before and after Transect"
- Alberto Gonzales, Solar Developer

“I use the entire report as I develop a given project's critical issues analysis.
I couldn't be more pleased

- Layne Ashton, Clēnera Renewable Energy

“Love it, makes my world in permitting so much easier.”

- 174 Power Global

Get Targeted Environmental Reporting for Your Industry

Transect for Renewable Energy
Transect for Oil and Gas
Transect for Real Estate Development
Transect for Environmental Consulting
Transect for Engineering

We are Environmental Nerds with Advanced Software Development Skills

We wondered...


How can we combine our love for the environment with the overwhelming need for businesses to streamline their environmental and sustainability initiatives? 


What if we put every regulation, permit, species of concern, wetland, infrastructure constraint, and more into one place for organizations to make smarter, safer decisions?


And thus, Transect was born.


We bring decades of environmental, permitting, and consulting expertise into this single tool.

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An Intro from our Head Nerd

Learn more about Transect's mission and products in this brief video from Robin Laine, our CEO and Co-Founder.

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Reports + Vision

The most powerful environmental due diligence tool available.

Environmental News & Updates

Stay up to date with current news on endangered species, environmental laws, and all things Transect