The primary challenge faced by Yarotek was the sheer volume of potential sites they had to evaluate and the time it took to make informed decisions. Scouring hundreds of locations for land assessment and selection was laborious and often delayed project timelines. They had to rely on external consultants, which incurred significant expenses and added another layer of complexity to the process.


To streamline their land assessment and selection process, Yarotek partnered with Transect, a leading provider of environmental mapping and vision tools. Transect’s platform offered a comprehensive solution to seamlessly view large data layers, including wetlands, transmission lines, parcel information, slope, and aspect.

With Transect’s software, Yarotek could easily import and overlay various environmental data layers onto a single platform, enabling a holistic view of potential sites. This consolidation of critical data eliminated the need to access multiple sources and saved valuable time. Moreover, the platform’s user-friendly interface made it accessible to all team members involved in the decision-making process.


The efficient data visualization and analysis capabilities of Transect’s platform significantly reduced the time required for land prospecting. Yarotek was able to quickly assess and shortlist viable sites, saving approximately 50% of the time compared to their previous manual approach.


By leveraging Transect’s software, Yarotek greatly reduced their reliance on external consultants for land assessment and selection. This cost-saving measure amounted to thousands of dollars per project, contributing to increased profitability and budget optimization.

Yarotek’s partnership with Transect proved to be a game-changer in their land assessment and selection process. The adoption of Transect’s innovative due diligence software empowered Yarotek’s team to evaluate potential sites more efficiently and make informed decisions faster. The seamless visualization of critical data layers and the elimination of time-consuming processes resulted in significant time and cost savings, bolstering Yarotek’s position as a leading developer of renewable energy projects. With Transect’s assistance, Yarotek continues to lead the way in sustainable energy solutions while adhering to their commitment to environmental stewardship and operational excellence.


Our initial attraction to Transect was primarily due to their exceptional environmental site assessment capabilities. This allows us to engage in conversations with landowners armed with valuable information on wetlands, historical registry, concerns about endangered species, and buildability and terrain screening. We gain insights on the land’s proximity to transmission lines, ownership details, and its size. Being well-informed in these diverse aspects not only enables us to have detailed discussions with landowners but also distinguishes us from others approaching them.

Mark Tippett, Chief Development Officer, Yarotek


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Yarotek is an independent power producer and developer of renewable energy sources, committed to harnessing the potential of sustainable energy solutions. As part of their business expansion plans, Yarotek faced the challenge of evaluating hundreds of potential sites for renewable energy projects. This process involved extensive land assessment and selection, often requiring weeks of wait for consultant reports. To overcome these challenges and expedite their decision-making process, Yarotek turned to Transect’s innovative due diligence software.