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For environmental assessments, Plains All American was using Google Earth with biological resources from California Natural Diversity Database (CNDDB) and other GIS layers compiled by hand to identify what constraints would require environmental permitting or should be avoided.

On bigger projects, they would have to hire out a third party consultant to do their due-diligence and complete early biological and cultural reviews.



Plains All American said they recognized the value of the Transect platform immediately. Before, PAA was spending a great deal of time looking for the right data and tools for their in-house GIS work and communicating with third-party information sources regarding the work that could not be done internally.

Now, they can streamline their environmental process and get deliverables they say are “200% better” than those received from their “homegrown due-diligence”. With Transect, PAA now also has the ability to go beyond completing in-house environmental due diligence for smaller projects and can complete permitting reviews for bigger, capital projects.

The consistency of deliverables, ease of use, and ability to add in extra data to Transect allowed PAA to see Transect as a valued partner with project success in mind.


Implementing Transect removed the need for a lot of tedious manual work and cut the time of PAA’s normal due diligence time by 40%.


With Transect’s robust database PAA’s deliverables are 200% better than those received from their homegrown due-diligence process, making them a trusted partner in the process.


Transect became part of a daily process that sped up the throughput of our in-house diligence. It fit hand and glove with my experience as a consultant and provided reports as my backup documentation.

Sr. Environmental Regulatory Compliance
Plains All American



PLAINS ALL AMERICAN (PAA) is a publicly-traded master limited partnership that owns and operates midstream energy infrastructure and provides logistics services for crude oil, natural gas liquids (NGL) and natural gas. As their projects have increased and scaled in size over the years, they were searching for a more efficient substitute to the handmade, in-house environmental due diligence reports they were generating. What they discovered with Transect is “the best tool of its kind”.