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Tools for Real-Time Environmental Due Diligence

Discover how you can find project sites faster and avoid critical environmental red flags.

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Using GIS data without context and experience puts your next development project at risk.

Make smarter, faster project planning decisions with Transect

Project developers that use Transect filter through potential project sites faster and are better informed about environmental risks. They anticipate permitting roadblocks and solve problems quickly. And they spend way less time and money while they’re at it.



Control Project Costs

Increase your deal flow while decreasing costs. Bring your project planning process in-house and eliminate dependence on inadequate mapping tools or data gatekeepers.

Company-Wide Collaboration

Company-wide collaborative tools, like snapshot views and comment feeds, keep your whole team involved in the project planning process. 

Make It Earth and Project Friendly

Avoiding sensitive environmental areas is not only good for conservation, it's good for the bottom line. Look beyond just slope and proximity to transmission lines - endangered species and long permit timelines can be just as important to your project success. 

On-Demand & Easy to Use

An in-browser, user-friendly interface that anyone can use - no data or GIS skills required. Plus we have experts ready to help you on our monitored chat line. 

Experience having land data at your fingertips like never before. 

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Easily build a site portfolio that fits all your criteria 

The perfect project site has the right size, the right landscape, the right proximity to infrastructure, and it won't get hung up in permitting red tape.

Find your perfect project site faster and smarter with Vision, a mapping tool that helps you focus on qualified parcels, avoid landscape-based constraints, and run siting campaigns at scale.


Transect Site Selection 

Take a systematic approach when searching for the best land to develop your next project with Transect's site selection tool.

  • Create and share projects
  • Save your work with snapshots
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Contours & Slopes
  • Species Hot Spots
  • Floodplains, Streams, & Wetlands
  • Parcel & Protected Lands
  • Transmission Lines & Substations
  • Modeled Distribution Lines

Layers + Projects

Explore Transect's data layers, including environmental, infrastructure, parcels, slope, and more, as well as customized layers for your company. 

Easily search for, evaluate, and save sites as a project using our parcel size filter or upload your own KML files.


Save It + Share It

Don’t want to lose your work? Save it for later by creating a snapshot of the current view, projects, layers, and settings with the ability to edit, duplicate and delete a snapshot whenever you want. 

Keep your whole team involved in the site selection process by sharing your snapshots or viewing snapshots shared with you. Track project communication using the snapshot comment feed.


Permits + Timelines

Site selection is just the beginning...

Next, you need site-specific analysis and expert insight into how environmental constraints like endangered species, wetlands, cultural resources, federal, state, and local regulations, permits, and more will impact your project footprint, budget, and schedule by seamlessly transitioning your project into a Transect Report.

Environmental due diligence made easy (and better)

Right now, you are paying thousands of dollars and waiting days upon days to have your proposed project sites professionally evaluated for environmental red flags.  We can fix that!

Generate on-demand, in-depth, and highly-accurate Critical Issues Analysis with Reports to minimize the permit burden to your project footprint, schedule, and budget.


Data Layers

Where do we even begin? 

Wetlands, rivers, navigable waterways, public lands, parcel data, cultural sites, hazardous facilities, preliminary and final floodplains, protected species, special regulatory districts, tribal areas, soils, geology, contours, slope, aspect, watersheds, aquifers, landslide, karst areas, substations, transmission lines, pipelines, power plants, oil and gas plays, cell towers, opportunity zones, mines, faults, and an elephant-ton more.


Concern Ratings & Permit Matrix


Data is helpful, but what does it mean for your project success? Transect Reports use the data layers to assess high, medium, or low concern ratings to help you better understand key roadblocks to successful development on the site.

Each Transect Report includes a list of site-specific regulations and permits, a description of what triggered the permit, links to permit applications, permit timelines, and recommendations for next steps, like an onsite survey or agency coordination.

Endangered Species Analysis_1

On-Call Specialists


Need recommendations for a regional consultant? Want to talk to a biologist about a wetlands permitting process? With Transect, our team of specialists is just a phone call (or chat) away.

Our team of consultants is available to you any time. Request an expert review for any of your Transect Reports, or schedule a call with us to talk about your data or permitting questions. 

Transect is the ONLY platform available that can produce Critical Issues Analyses in seconds.
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New Feature

PDF Builder for Reports

Transect Reports are used in Environmental Compliance documents across a variety of industries.  Now you can tailor your reports directly in the Transect interface. 

Creating and customizing your environmental reports has never been easier:  


  • Drag and drop the sections from the Report Data or the Maps into the PDF Builder. 

  • Remove sections and/or maps by dragging them out of the PDF Builder.

  • Rearrange them within the PDF Builder in the order that you prefer.

  • Click Generate PDF 
Customize your Reports with PDF Builder


Your custom Report will appear in the Sharing & Export tab of your Transect Report and a PDF copy will be sent to your account email.


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Practical tips to avoid environmental risk on all of your projects.

Download our environmental permitting checklist to get a step-by-step list of ways to protect your project from the 9 most common environmental risks.

Expertise Outside the Map

Sometimes you need more:
more data, more research, more visibility, more help.

The Transect Marketplace makes it easy to browse and buy additional environmental services that help keep your project on track.

State & Local Rules Regs400px
Local Environmental Rules and Regulations
State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Records Search
Planning and Zoning Reports
Slope and Aspect Calculations

Site Selection Tools & Environmental Due Diligence for your Industry

Transect for Renewable Energy
Transect for Oil and Gas
Transect for Real Estate
Transect for Environmental Consulting
Transect for Engineering
"Transect has been one of the most useful and convenient tools I’ve used in my experience."

 - James C. Buchanan, Sr. Environmental Regulatory Compliance, Plains All American Pipeline