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Quickly identify your ideal renewable energy site

Land development planning software utilizing the most comprehensive environmental data in one unified platform.


You're wasting too much time and money evaluating potential sites


Stop expending energy stitching together GIS, Google Earth and parcel data


Don't spend $$$ on multiple reports and tools when you can get them from a consolidated SaaS platform


Find and assess more sites so you can swiftly identify a short list before you visit


Locating the best possible sites for your renewable energy projects is just a few clicks away


Get a short list of viable sites to visit

Uncover parcels, renewable energy sitings, that you didn’t know were available utilizing the most comprehensive, up-to-date environmental data.
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Find the the buildable area for your project

Discover the boundary of a preferred buildable area by excluding landscape or infrastructure characteristics that you don't want to build on.

Be aware of all required environmental permits

Get critical build requirements in advance...before they derail your project timeline.
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“Transect is our first go-to. It identifies all the features we need to consider - such as restricted areas, roadways, tree cover, transmission infrastructure, and water bodies - then outputs as a single file. After that initial pass, we really know what's happening on the local or county level.”

Shazim chhapra, Chief strategy & commercial Officer, hodson energy



The Great Land Grab

With the world becoming increasingly green-minded and land developers realizing the surface area in the US is becoming more finite, corporations are racing to snap up the best places for renewable energy systems.

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How to identify a viable site for a renewable energy project?