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Revolutionize Your Project Planning

On-demand site selection + environmental due diligence tools to ensure you find and build the right project site.

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Choosing the wrong project site will result in delays, hidden costs, and fatal flaws.

The location of a development project is crucial to your project's success.  Looking at data on a map alone cannot guarantee that you choose the right site. What about wetlands permit timelines? Species survey seasons? State permit requirements?
You need a due diligence solution you can rely on to give you a fast, accurate assessment of each of your proposed projects.
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We are recovering consultants, and we're here to help.

We are wetlands biologists, species surveyors, regulatory specialists, and ex-developers that bring decades of environmental, permitting, and consulting expertise into this single platform to help you site plan and do environmental due diligence better.

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Evaluate Project Risk in Minutes with Transect


Transect’s site selection and environmental due diligence tools, plus easy access to our in-house experts and marketplace integrations like deep dive local regulation research, makes the Transect platform a win for the whole team - from origination to planning to pre-construction.


Experience having land data at your fingertips like never before. 

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A mapping tool to help you focus on qualified parcels, avoid landscape-based constraints, and run siting campaigns at scale.

Popular Features:

  • Contours & Slopes
  • Species Hot Spots
  • Floodplains, Streams, & Wetlands
  • NRHP Cultural Sites
  • Parcel & Protected Lands
  • Parcel Size Filtering
  • Transmission Lines & Substations
  • Modeled Distribution Lines
  • Save Your Work With Snapshots
  • Collaborate With Your Team
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Dive deeper into site planning with site-specific environmental due diligence reporting and loads of other helpful data.

Popular Features:

  • Permits & Pathways Matrix
  • Rated Concern Levels
  • Protected Land & Waters
  • Species of Concern
  • Open Regulations
  • Permit Requirements
  • Recommended Next Steps
  • Run Reports Anywhere, Anytime 24/7
  • CSV and KML Exports Available
  • Customize & Export Presentation-Ready PDFs
  • Create & Export Custom Maps
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Experience land data at your fingertips like never before. 

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Site Selection Tools & Environmental Due Diligence for your Industry

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Transect for Environmental Consulting
Transect for Engineering

Spend less time mining data & more time siting and developing high-quality projects

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How to Get Started

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Create your Transect Account. No credit card required.
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Use our free data and tools to find your next project site, plus run one complimentary transect report.


Upgrade to a subscription for parcel data, custom layers & tools, and unlimited reports.
Transect is the ONLY platform available that can produce Critical Issues Analyses in seconds.   Schedule a demo to see how.
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“Transect has become an invaluable tool for our screening process."
- Highfield Energy

“I use the entire report as I develop a given project's critical issues analysis. I couldn't be more pleased”

- Layne Ashton, Clēnera Renewable Energy

“Love it, makes my world in permitting so much easier.”

- 174 Power Global

Transect Due Diligence Reports & Critical Issues Analysis

Federal, State and Local

Environmental Regulations, Permits, Regulations and much more.

Data on map is just that. What you really need to know is the risk that data represents to your project footprint, budget, and timeline. Filter your project funnel faster and more accurately with Transect Vision + Reports.

Let an expert on our team answer all your questions about how Transect can be an invaluable resource for your company's workflow.

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