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Take Control of Your Environmental
Permitting Process

Get due diligence reports in minutes.

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A New Way

The traditional environmental due diligence process is old and broken.

We empower land developers to finally take control of the environmental permitting process, delivering due diligence in minutes - not weeks or months.



Transect Methodology

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Dynamic Environmental Risk Report

Create a fully dynamic due diligence report complete with a critical issues analysis and permitting matrix in minutes. You can now drill deeper into the discovered environmental risk, learn what predictive permits are required for the project to proceed, and review expert recommendations for the steps to mitigate the identified environmental risk—designed for team collaboration.

Buildable Area Tools

Now that environmental risk is identified and recommendations understood, the Buildable Area Tools provide even more team collaboration to investigate numerous “what if” scenarios. Changing parameter options delivers new insight into your project’s variables and potential obstacles.

Collaboration and Share Options

With a wider understanding of the complete picture regarding your project’s early environmental risk and a path towards mitigation, you are now ready to compile a detailed report. Here you can include or omit the exact information you need to provide to your different stakeholders involved in your project timeline. The ability to include maps and arrange the order of your report’s sections are as easy as drag-and-drop. Sharing your report with your team or external vendors is done with a click of your mouse. Send the file as a PDF, KML, or KMZ.

Site Selection and Mapping Tools

Customers spoke, and we listened! The elements above have significantly changed the game regarding environmental due diligence, compressing a process that can take months into reports delivered in minutes. We have repeatedly heard that adding a robust set of site selection and mapping tools would provide the means for collaboration between land acquisition and environmental permitting teams - and the ability to keep all the project data on a single platform. So, we did! Transect now provides a robust suite of mapping features and tools that rival the leading standalone GIS platforms.


The Problem

Transect's CEO and Co-Founder, Robin Laine, was invited to speak at RE+ 2022 about the need to accelerate the environmental due diligence process using automation technology. Watch to find out how we're contributing to the solution by delivering environmental reports in minutes.


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Did You Know

Only 10% of land identified during the site selection process ultimately makes it to project completion due to natural resources and environmental risk issues.

We often hear, "I never thought about my due diligence needs that way." So, we created a tool to help evaluate your what-ifs.



The Transect Platform

See how our customers have taken control of their due diligence process.
Love it, makes my world in permitting so much easier.
174 Power Global
Transect has become an invaluable tool for our screening process.
Highfield Energy
I use the entire report as I develop a given project’s critical issues analysis. I couldn’t be more pleased.
Layne Ashton
Clēnera Renewable Energy



Let us show you how Transect can make the permitting process in your industry faster and less frustrating.


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