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There is a lot of information you need to evaluate during project due diligence. Are there wetlands? What about endangered species? What permits are required and how will they affect the schedule?

You can’t risk missing something that could blow project deadlines and your budget.

You need a reliable solution.

You have a lot on your plate. You need a simple, clear understanding of environmental issues that could affect your project.

Oh, and you also need it ASAP and for a pretty reasonable price.

Good news. We can help.


Combined years of experience in environmental compliance and development


Environmental permitting projects completed across oil and gas, commercial and residential real estate, public infrastructure, roadways, communication, civil projects, and renewable energy


Miles of linear infrastructure surveyed and/or permitted for environmental compliance

"The value that Transect provides by telling me immediately what potential environmental hurdles I might face, or by confirming that I can proceed with confidence, is enormous. It’s a powerful addition to our planning process."

Chris Mitchell
President of Rimrock Midstream

"Transect quickly identifies environmental red flag issues on prospective sites. If we are looking at three sites, the ability to understand the true value before going under contract makes Transect a vital part of our due diligence process. For as low-cost as these reports are, it is crazy not to run one prior to spending additional time and money looking at a site."

Jeremy Jones
Director of Multifamily Development at Ledcor

Transect Report for Natural Resources

Anywhere, Anytime

Our platform is available for you 24/7 from any computer or mobile device.  You will have clear, simple results in less than 10 minutes.

Be Prepared

Our custom permit and schedule matrix helps you anticipate what environmental permits or authorizations the project might need and provides typical permit processing timelines.

Have Certainty

Each report is reviewed by a natural resources expert, who double-checks to makes sure you know everything you need to know about your project to move forward in confidence.


Your First Report is Free!

Your first report is on us. Send us your PDF (Survey/Location Flyer/etc), Shapefile, or KML/KMZ and we'll deliver your first report today.

Transect Report for Disaster Recovery

Exceed Your Goals

It's easy to get started with HUD Environmental Review Records using our bulk project upload and API capabilities. Our ERRs are processed in less than 10 minutes so you can exceed your ERR deliverable goals.

Skip the Research

By accessing pre-determined project contexts and our database, we 'automagically' populate about 80-90% of the HUD Environmental Review Record questions and autogenerate resource maps. And we'll help you manage project status and agency coordination to finish up the rest.

Better Point of View

Gain additional insight without ever visiting the project with our external streetview and satellite imagery plug-ins and drone plug-ins.

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