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Permits and regulations are complex and time consuming

Vector-2 Relying on multiple tools is expensive and complex
Vector Current processes take too long and extend timelines
Vector-1 Issues missed at the beginning could be fatal flaws later on

Identify project sites in a few clicks

Evaluate sites faster

Evaluate sites faster

Decide quickly and confidently whether to advance a potential project site.
Decide quickly and confidently whether to advance a potential renewables project site.
Pinpoint environmental risks early

Pinpoint environmental risks early

Reduce unforeseen delays and costs by identifying environmental risks early-on using unmatched data.

Transect offers the most detailed, accurate and continuously updated environmental data sets, all verified by our internal team of experts.
Actionable permitting information.

Streamline development

Accelerate decision making and streamline collaboration, without disrupting your current workflows.
Detailed state and federal permit matrices. More than simply a list of required permits, the permit matrix includes specific recommendations, estimated timelines to process permit applications, and links for more information.

“Transect helps us think through whatever requirements exist in getting a project permitted, which is huge for us because it’s a problem that doesn’t scale very well. For us, it starts with Transect and ends with Transect.”

Shazim Chhapra
Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer, Hodson Energy

“I really haven’t seen any other applications that have the workflow that Transect does.”

Roger Lasswell
Sr. Project Manager Vanguard Real Estate Solutions

“With Transect, our comprehensive knowledge significantly boosts our credibility and greatly improves the probability of securing control over the site.”

Mark Tippett
Chief Development Officer Yarotek

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