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The Developer wanted to systematically search an area of ~30 million acres for the best land for the development of their future solar projects.
Problems before Transect:

  • It would take hundreds of hours to narrow down a large area to viable sites.
  • Each team member had their own approach and methodologies to the site selection process, causing results to be inconsistent.
  • It wasn’t easy to keep track of what area had been searched and by what method.
  • They weren’t sure if they ended up with the best possible sites for their development or not.


The developer sat down with our team of experts here at Transect to find a solution to their challenges. We conducted an initial consultation to narrow down the parameters of what they would like to search by. Seven parameters were identified with associated business logic (Ex: the median slope of a parcel is <10 degrees).


5 to 10x faster than their original process, from hundreds of hours to just a handful of hours to select viable sites.


The ability to search a large land area using the same parameters and business logic is consistent across their team.


All parcels were uploaded into projects within Transect, where it was easy to share amongst the organization.


The developer searched the entire area programmatically, avoiding human error or bias.

Transect narrowed down ~30 million acres to 58 viable sites, within hours. From the initial site selection to sending out mailers, the entire process only took three days.

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A prominent utility-scale solar developer initially found the site selection process (using more traditional means) to be “burdensome, laborious, and discouraging”. Recognizing the potential to streamline their operations and conserve time and resources, they decided to engage with Transect. Following their experience with Transect’s site selection tool, they expressed astonishment at how effortlessly Transect had transformed the siting process for them.