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Spring 2024

What's New in Transect

We're continually making our tool better for you.



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Parcel Dissolution

Land acquisition and site assessment, all in one stop. Discover adjacent parcels of land with the same land owner to identify a suitable site for your next renewable project. Streamline the land acquisition process and manage your project workflow with the click of a button.


Parcel DIssolution

Wetland Delineations

If the recent changes to federal waters regulations have you wondering what risks lie on your site, get ready for a whole new world. Now, you can order a wetland delineation in the Transect marketplace and receive your comprehensive report in just a few days.

Simply upload your report, wait, and confidently proceed with your project.


ALTA Surveys

American Land Title Association Surveys (ALTA surveys) are now available in the Transect marketplace! Know your site's boundaries in just a few clicks and streamline your environmental survey process in the Transect marketplace.


ALTA survey

Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys

You can put away your binoculars; the Transect marketplace has you covered. Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys are now available in the Transect Marketplace. Learn what protected species are present on your project site within a few days and see your reports in one place.

This marketplace offering allows you to avoid costly risks without sacrificing your project timeline.

lesser prairie chickens

We are excited to announce the release of Transect Reports 2.0, a significant update that brings a host of improvements to streamline your site assessment and evaluation processes. With an improved interface and enhanced export capabilities, you can now access and share the most important information easier and quicker than ever before.

Criteria Card-1

Instant Parcel Search

If you’re a site originator, get ready to do a happy dance. With our instant parcel search, you can immediately filter down parcels of land with dozens of search criteria. And wait for it…you can then overlay those results with the percentage of buildable area on that parcel.

This automated approach is a game changer that could literally get you from 1000 parcels to 10 in a matter of seconds.

Instant Parcel Search

Show Me the Money

Financial Incentives Calculator

Now quickly see how many tax credits your project can apply for through the Inflation Reduction Act. Imagine viewing a calculation of your Investment and Production Tax Credit savings by project, adding it to a PDF report with a click of a button, and sharing with lenders and investors? Too easy.

This great new feature is ideal for your development, siting, and finance teams to quickly drive make-or-break decisions with your project.

Financial Incentives Calculator

Layers on Layers

Soils Map Enhancement

We’ve added more layers to your soil data. This quickly surfaces up key attributes from the soils datasets that you care most about, without having to dig deeper into the platform.

Now project developers and environmental teams will appreciate not needing to get their hands dirty.

Soils Layers

Watch for Wildlife

Species Risk Heat Map

Imagine viewing species risk on a nationwide map and catching any show-stoppers before diving into your due diligence. Our new feature compiles threatened and endangered species with habitat characteristics that quickly show you where the risk exists on a given parcel. Often developers learn of species concern much later in the process, which can wreak havoc with timelines.

Catch these hangups early on, and your environmental team will love you for it.

Species Risk Heat Map

Real-time Insight

Transmission Injection Layer

No one wants to be in the dark. But that’s often the case with utility-scale developers who need to find parcels that have available transmission capacity and avoid critical environmental issues.

Screen for transmission capacity and critical issues in seconds with our Nira layer integration.

Nira Integration

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