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Solar Pulse uses local news, project velocity and ordinances to predict community acceptance.

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Community opposition to solar projects increases development costs and can lead to delayed or canceled projects.

Vector-4 Developers can waste time and money pursuing projects where negative sentiment exists
Group-Apr-19-2024-04-53-22-0456-PM Moratoriums and other regulations may slow or block development progress
Group 77 There is no single source of truth about community sentiment toward solar

Solar Pulse enables you to quickly assess community sentiment so you can make informed, data-driven decisions.

Discover community sentiment, easily

Discover community
sentiment, easily

Visualize county-by-county solar sentiment in a heatmap, with data for 20K+ solar projects and moratoriums.

Gain AI Driven Insights-1
Gain AI-driven insights into community sentiment

Gain AI-driven insights into community sentiment

Assess likely community acceptance of your solar project based on automated analyses of thousands of news articles.

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Pinpoint moratoriums on solar development

Pinpoint moratoriums on solar development

Review hundreds of solar moratoriums and ordinances with concise summaries and optional Expert Verifications.

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"It has been easy to access important information and has made the decision-making process much smoother. By delving deeper into the regulations, number of solar farms in the area, and articles, I can ensure that our choices are leading to more successful outcomes overall."

Team Lead
Prospecting at UKA Green

“Solar Pulse is valuable to the CleanChoice development team because it helps us screen for communities that are excited about new solar development and locations where we can make a positive impact on the community.”

GIS & Siting Manager
CleanChoice Energy

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