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Reuters Energy Transition North America 2023 Recap

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Our team has just returned from Reuters Energy Transition North America 2023, hosted in Houston, TX, by Thomson Reuters Events. Innovation was palpable as executives gathered to share corporate sustainability practices that will drive the energy transition.

The event created a space for senior executives to form partnerships, share ideas, and discover innovative technologies that support sustainable business in the USA. Though the event focused on the American renewable market, representatives from Canada, Europe, and Asia were present. All energy sectors were represented at the event, working to better understand how these organizations can come together to meet the needs of our energy grid with the environment's needs of tomorrow.

The energy transition is a long road to success that will require sustainable practices in all aspects of an energy organization to make the transition a reality. However, do we have to sacrifice the success and sustainability of a business for a sustainable planet? The resounding answer from the conference? No. In fact, sustainable practices can support the growth of an organization.

One central theme from the event was the role technology plays in renewables development. From technology that measures solar panel efficiency to automated environmental due diligence, sustainable tools can be made to serve energy organizations and the environment.

Take, for instance, Transect's environmental due diligence platform represented at the event. This tool provides environmental site assessments in minutes, allowing energy developers to identify their site risks and necessary permits before purchasing the land or beginning development. Early risk identification allows these energy developers to understand the timeline needed to obtain required permits, the required mitigation efforts and costs for an associated risk, or which of their parcel options is best suited for development.

Whether developing in London, Toronto, or Chicago, time is a precious commodity. When the state of our environment is on the line, time is an even more pressing concern. By providing executives with the tools to bring time back into their development lifecycle, organizations can create projects that benefit their bottom line and the environment. With the right innovations in hand, we no longer have to sacrifice "good for business" for "good for the environment".

Reuters' impact on the energy industry from this conference is expected to be significant. When industry leaders come together, incredible projects are created.
We look forward to Reuters' next event and cannot wait to see the ideas shared at the Marriott in Houston come to life.

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