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Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys are Now Available in the Transect Marketplace

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Identify protected species earlier in your project development process to avoid costly delays.

The Transect platform aims to centralize fieldwork and identify environmental risks earlier in development by offering Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys (T&E Surveys) in the Transect marketplace.

T&E surveys are crucial to project success and a necessary part of land development. Threatened and Endangered species and their habitats received federal and state protections, requiring permits and, at times, mitigation efforts. These species yield the power to delay development and impact a budget significantly. 

Confirming the presence of these species allows developers to know what regulations and permits will apply and the next steps for proceeding with their project in regard to that project site.

Traditionally, the fieldwork component of the survey includes mobilizing ecologists to survey the project area on foot or by ATV. The detailed survey may be performed during specific times of the year to coincide with vegetative or flowering stages in protected plants or migration or life cycle patterns of protected animals.   

The new service allows the user to: 

  • Confirm the presence of protected species and their habitats on potential development sites early in planning to make informed purchase decisions.
  • Make informed decisions that consider these species during the site selection, design, and construction processes.
  • Streamline their environmental due diligence process through the Transect platform.

How it works:

  1. A Transect customer requests a bid for T&E Survey work, and Transect's network of environmental consultant partners who specialize in protected species surveys provide competitive bids.

  2. Upon receipt of bids, a Transect Regional Environmental Specialist with specialized knowledge of the species within the region of the project area reviews the bids and conveys the lowest responsible bid to you, the customer.

  3. T&E Survey reports are reviewed by Transect scientists to examine field techniques, data collection, GPS and GIS work, and conclusions and recommendations.

  4. The report is delivered to the Transect customer.

It generally takes approximately five to eight days to define the scope of work for our customer's project, solicit bids, review bids, and convey the recommended bid. The timeline for executing fieldwork and preparing reports and maps depends on the project's complexity.

To learn more about this service or to get your free demo of Transect’s latest tool, visit



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