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Transect & Drillinginfo Partner to Improve Environmental Due Diligence for the Energy Market

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Offering fast, actionable insights from data sources typically siloed across teams

San Antonio, Texas (February 27, 2019) – Transect, an innovative startup offering an environmental due diligence SaaS product, has announced a new collaboration with Drillinginfo, the leading energy SaaS and data analytics company.

Environmental due diligence is complicated, especially for Oil & Gas companies with current and prospective assets across the nation. Dealing with the challenges of endangered species, wetlands, permits, and cultural resources can slow the acquisition or development of valuable energy infrastructure. Transect provides a SaaS product that enables customers to see these and other environmental concerns near their assets, know the regulations and permits relevant to those concerns, and see recommendations and timelines to move projects forward.

“Transect was built by real specialists in the field and I am excited that we can offer a seamless solution to the 5,000+ companies that make up the Drillinginfo community of best-in-class energy providers and support organizations,” said Allen Gilmer, Drillinginfo’s Co-Founder and Executive Chairman. “The oil and gas community, as a significant contributor to society, has important responsibilities as an environmental steward. As such, it is subject to a significant burden in regulatory paperwork when operating in North America. We are looking forward to providing instant answers to our mutual user’s environmental due diligence questions.”

The new integration lets Transect’s current Oil & Gas clients see Drillinginfo’s market-leading energy data right next to environmental due diligence data, allowing users to analyze and reduce risk, conduct competitive benchmarking, and uncover market insights. “The integration allows clients to view environmental data alongside Drillinginfo layers including lease, permit, rig, well, production, and pipeline data in one combined platform,” explains Transect’s CEO Robin Laine. “This enables users to consider and plan for environmental constraints and regulatory friction earlier in the project cycle.”

“The collaboration with Transect allows our users to have access to even more insight through the Drillinginfo platform. Environmental due diligence is on many of our customers’ minds and we are excited to be able to provide an integration that will expedite decision-making and save them time and money,” said Jason Powell, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Drillinginfo.

In order to use the newly-integrated services, customers must be a Transect subscriber and have access to one of the following Drillinginfo products: DI Plus, GeoData Services or DI Direct Access.


About Transect

Transect provides an innovative SaaS solution that helps customers move confidently through the environmental due diligence process. From wetlands and endangered species to permits and cultural resources, there are many issues for companies to consider. Customers in oil & gas, renewable energy, engineering and other industries are using Transect to get reliable answers quickly, stay on budget, and move projects forward with confidence. Transect’s online reports provide instant answers–summarizing environmental concerns, showing you permit pathways, and giving recommendations for next steps. For more information visit

About Drillinginfo

Drillinginfo delivers business-critical insights to the energy, power, and commodities markets. Its state-of-the-art SaaS platform offers sophisticated technology, powerful analytics, and industry-leading data. Drillinginfo’s solutions deliver value across upstream, midstream and downstream markets, empowering exploration and production (E&P), oilfield services, midstream, utilities, trading and risk, and capital markets companies to be more collaborative, efficient, and competitive. Drillinginfo delivers actionable intelligence over mobile, web, and desktop to analyze and reduce risk, conduct competitive benchmarking, and uncover market insights. Drillinginfo serves over 5,000 companies globally from its Austin, Texas, headquarters and has more than 1,000 employees. For more information visit

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