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Transect Unveils Exclusive Beta of AI Solar Sentiment Feature for Solar Industry Clients

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Transect Unveils Exclusive Beta of AI Solar Sentiment Feature for Solar Industry Clients

Austin, Texas – Transect, a prominent provider of cutting-edge software for land evaluation, is excited to introduce an exclusive beta release of its revolutionary feature, Solar Pulse. This feature is designed for assessing community solar sentiment and suitability, marking a significant milestone in the industry. This innovative AI tool is designed to empower the solar energy industry by providing unique insights into solar project momentum and community adoption.

Transect's Solar Pulse, AI solar sentiment tool leverages cutting-edge machine learning tools to assess public sentiment towards solar energy development. By analyzing a vast array of data sources, including news articles and historical builds within that county, this tool delivers invaluable insights into the perceptions and attitudes surrounding solar energy. 

"Launching Transect's Solar Pulse marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to supporting the energy transition”, said Robin Laine, CEO of Transect. “By harnessing the power of AI and data analytics, we are empowering the solar industry to make informed decisions, engage communities effectively, and advance sustainable energy solutions. Our mission is to drive positive change, and this innovation exemplifies our dedication to that cause."

How Transect's Solar Pulse, a feature powered by AI for analyzing solar sentiment, operates:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Utilizing sophisticated NLP techniques, the AI identifies keywords and phrases related to solar energy across a wide range of online articles.

  • Sentiment Analysis: Advanced sentiment analysis algorithms then categorize sentiment as positive, negative, or neutral, based on the language used in the content.

  • Trend Tracking: Machine learning models consistently monitor sentiment trends over time, providing valuable data for developers and businesses to proactively oversee projects and receive notifications about evolving sentiment throughout their developments.

Currently, Transect has restricted access to its exclusive beta of the AI solar sentiment feature to a select group of existing clients in the solar industry. This move represents a significant stride in harnessing AI and data analytics to drive positive changes in the solar energy sector.

To learn more about the Transect platform or its new Solar Pulse, an AI solar sentiment tool, please visit www.transect.com.

About Transect

Transect is an innovative SaaS platform specializing in environmental due diligence solutions tailored for renewable energy developers, utilities and more. The platform equips users with rapid access to feasibility reports, enabling informed decision-making and the acceleration of project development. Committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and driven by an unyielding passion for innovation, Transect stands at the forefront of transforming the renewable energy sector with their unique data-driven insights.


Please direct all media inquiries to Nicole Yager at nicole.yager@transect.com.

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