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Environmental due diligence in minutes, not weeks or months.

The traditional environmental permitting process is broken.

We believe it should not be this complicated.

Transect accelerates: 


  • Critical Issues Analysis
  • Environmental Desktop Report
  • Feasibility Studies

Schedule a 20-minute demo and you will get a Free Environmental Report.



Here's how to get started:


Step 1

Think about where you want to build your next project.

Step 2

Schedule a demo to start your new project in Transect.

Step 3

Witness how to navigate environmental risk in minutes - NOT WEEKS!


Schedule a 20-minute Demo and find out how!

Why talk with us?

"Much more than just a GIS tool"

Environmental Expertise

We have over 100 years combined experience as environmental consultants. The consulting game is rigged, and we’re here to show you a new way. 

Avoid Delays and Penalties

Learn how the current permitting process is broken and how environmental consultants use it to take more of your time and money.

Schedule a Demo

Transect is changing the game by putting you in charge of the process. Find out how.

What to Expect From Your Demo

  1. Join a Zoom call.

  2. Get introduced to the Transect Platform.

  3. Touch on Vision: the mapping side of Transect that creates the groundwork for Reports. You’ve seen tools like this before.

  4. Discover Reports: a new way to finally take control of the environmental permitting process. You haven’t seen tools like this before.

  5. Talk about impacts to your land development process and next steps.
I can screen 10 times the number of sites within the same timeframe than without Transect!  

- Sean Crowley, Highfield Energy

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