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From solar to infrastructure, we’ve got you covered.



Utility-scale and rooftop solar, wind developments, and battery storage


Exploration and production, pipelines, facilities, and operations and maintenance


Site acquisition, development, and permitting support


Transmission lines, utility lines, and transportation


Feasibility studies, project planning, and permit compliance


Boost productivity and respond to clients faster

Renewable Energy

  • Identify environmental and landscape constraints, regulations, and permit requirements on thousands of acres, in seconds
  • Unlimited reports means you can do siting in a snap
  • Get a faster and more cost-effective replacement for a Critical Issues Analysis (CIA)
  • Tired of Google Earth crashing on your big data sets? Customize Vision to access Transect data like slope, aspect, transmission lines, substation data (among many more). Plus, import your own data to view alongside ours
  • Dive deeper with information about local environmental regulations and permits
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Oil & Gas

  • Don't wait on data gatekeepers or subcontractors - with Transect, you have access to all the information you need about waters of the U.S, protected species, long permit timelines, seasonal restrictions, and more
  • Get count summaries of key planning data like parcels, infrastructure crossings, and wetland lengths (particularly useful for anticipating bore pipe costs)
  • Quickly evaluate reroutes or relocations
  • Existing easements may host surprises like the endangered American burying beetle -  Transect ensures compliance for operations and maintenance activities
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Real Estate

  • Vision makes it easy to interact with your site on a map and identify deal killers like floodplains and slope
  • Don't waste any time or money on due diligence until you check Transect - in seconds, identify red flag problems with species, wetlands, hazardous materials, soils, geology, elevation, long permit timelines, and much more
  • What environmental subcontractors do you need to hire? Plan for next steps and minimize your permit burden with Transect's permit pathways and recommendations
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Linear Infrastructure

  • You have the power - easily identify environmental constraints like endangered species, wetland buffers, protected areas, cultural resources, and much more
  • Explore and summarize key planning information like parcel data, road and railroad crossings, and stream and wetland lengths
  • With Vision customized to your company's needs, evaluating reroutes using information that matters to you has never been easier

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  • Feasibility studies: No in-house environmental team? Not ready to pay a consultant? No problem - Transect is a one-stop solution for environmental support for feasibility studies
  • Project planning: Environmental issues an affect a project's footprint, budget, and timeline. Plan for it and minimize your client's permit burden with Transect's permit pathways and recommendations
  • Permit compliance: Permitting documents like SWPPPs and CLOMRs require certification that the project doesn't have environmental issues like threatened and endangered species. Keep a Transect Report on file as evidence of due diligence.
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Environmental Consulting

  • Respond to RFPs and proposal requests faster (and minimize non-billable research hours) with aggregated standard data layers, count summaries, and permit pathways
  • Create a programmatic templated deliverable for desktop reports 
  • Tailor the platform to your needs by importing your own data to view along Transect's data
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“The reports are concise and relevant, as well as reasonably priced.”

- Layne Ashton, Clēnera Energy

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