Vanguard Accelerates Risk
Assessments and Fosters
Client Trust with Transect



Vanguard faced the challenge of finding a site assessment platform to help their clients make informed project decisions and navigate project obstacles effectively. The team frequently met with clients who were in need of creative solutions for on-site risks discovered on parcels of land purchased without proper due diligence. Vanguard needed a solution that could provide a rapid view of a project site to guide their clients to success. Secure, quality data sources and the ability to provide adaptable workflows were at the top of the team’s list of priorities.


After an extensive three-month evaluation of software options, Vanguard chose Transect as their site assessment platform. The Vanguard team met with Transect to review the data provided by the platform and ensure it would have the security and accuracy standards required for their clients. The team confirmed Transect’s customer support team provides the option to call and discuss findings and ask questions.


Transect’s workflow has become second nature to the team and invaluable to Vanguard. It aligns with each stage of the Vanguard project process, allowing them to cut down on time spent digging for information and retracing their steps. This adaptability substantially accelerates their risk analysis process and allows Vanguard to provide tailored solutions to clients across different industries.


The ability to meet with the Transect team and delve deeper into the data seen on project sites enhances Vanguard’s understanding of the platform’s findings and ensures they are able to provide complete due diligence for their clients. This relationship allows Vanguard to effectively communicate detailed information back to their clients.


Vanguard Real Estate Solutions’ partnership with Transect empowers Vanguard to provide high-quality services, confidently addressing the unique challenges presented by each client and industry.



It’s my nature to say, if I’m going to put my name on this, I need to be sure I fully understand what’s going on. I want to be able to sit down with my client and say that I understand that a specific environmental feature may not feel like it will ever be a concern, but that the Transect map shows it’s there for risk prevention purposes.

You’re dealing with multi-million dollar projects. Nothing is perfect, and I have to be able to represent what I am working with, so yes, I need to have that trust.

Sr. Project Manager
Vanguard Real Estate Solutions




Vanguard Real Estate Solutions is a leading land acquisition service provider committed to delivering exceptional risk assessment services. With a team of both in-house experts and contracted land agents, Vanguard operates in a dynamic environment, serving clients in renewable energy, oil and gas, transmission, telecommunications, and transportation, each with its own set of unique challenges and requirements.