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You're frustrated with the current due diligence process. We feel ya.

That’s why we created Transect, where you can do diligence better. Our platform has more than 20 years of experience managing environmental compliance and permitting built into the technology. 

Robin Laine - BW

Robin Laine

Chief Executive Officer

CEO and Co-founder, Robin Laine, has spent over a decade managing natural resources compliance and permitting projects across the U.S. Along with channeling her scientific expertise and navigating federal, state, and local permits for her clients, Robin established in-house natural resource compliance processes for oil and gas companies and gave presentations across the U.S. educating various industries on how to best manage federal and state environmental regulations. After serving as field biologist, then project manager, division director, and finally national program manager for local, regional, and national firms, Robin is now directing her passion towards Transect and our mission to revolutionize how environmental data is consumed.

Robin has successfully navigated the NEPA environmental review process for numerous projects involving federal actions and funding. Robin has proven knowledge of the NEPA process, the ability to identify project-specific environmental constraints, an understanding of the agency coordination process, and the ability to manage the schedule to meet project timeline and budget needs. Robin has served as project manager, lead field scientist, and lead author for numerous NEPA documents.

Robin has conducted many ASTM E1527 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in coordination with professional geologists. Robin is experienced in conducting the necessary field investigations and background research to identify potential for releases of hazardous substances or petroleum products that could lead to liability issues if not properly managed.


Colton Brugger

Chief Technology Officer

Colton Brugger has over a decade of experience with information & data architecture, UX & UI design, and full-stack development. As the former director of creative & development teams for a number of organizations, Colton has overseen the design and development of innovative web applications across a number of industries. Colton has delivered web applications and interactive experiences for clients around the world and in over 25 spoken languages. Colton has also served numerous Fortune 500 companies, providing scalable solutions for plethora web and mobile experiences.

Colton has extensive history architecting and managing large databases, developing SQL and NoSQL solutions. Whether developing a data warehouse for analysis of real-time, user experience data or a robust relational database for custom, multi-lingual publishing systems, Colton has helped organizations overcome substantial data challenges across a number of use-cases. Colton’s considerable expertise regarding geospatial data platforms and operations has allowed him to architect datasets that integrate traditional and geospatial data for feature-rich yet cost-effective use on the web.

Beginning his career as a political consultant, Colton gained important foundational of knowledge in strategic planning, media relations, and traditional marketing. Colton served candidates for local, state and federal offices. Overseeing targeting for direct mail and get-out-the-vote efforts sparked Colton’s interest in architecting rich databases and building web applications that can help clients recognize and cultivate value through data.

Self-trained in numerous back- and front-end programming languages, database languages, and prototyping and design suites, Colton takes a hands-on approach to every step in analyzing and solving client problems.

Sam Laine

Sam Laine

Chief Business Officer

Sam Laine is the Chief Business Officer and co-founder of Transect LLC and is involved in all aspects of the company including business development, fundraising, client relations, and strategy. Previous to his role at Transect, Sam was the managing partner of Redrock, an investment, development, leasing, and management company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Sam previously spent 8.5 years with Riverside Resources. In his role as development partner, he was responsible for all aspects of development and acquisitions including site selection, financial underwriting, entitlement and design work, consultant and construction coordination, project financing, asset management, leasing, and dispositions. In addition to his commercial real estate background, Sam has provided private equity and management consulting services to startups in healthcare, technology, publishing, consumer products, and music entertainment. Sam started his first company at age 18 selling advertisement space for PPC Racing’s Nesquik car in the NASCAR Busch Series.

Sam attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied accounting with a minor in real estate finance and achieved a Masters in Professional Accounting with a concentration in business law. Prior to transferring to UT, Sam also completed an Associate’s degree in Business Administration from Austin Community College. He is a frequent guest lecturer at McCombs School of Business MBA program for the real estate finance classes.

Sam is a member of the American Enterprise Institutes enterprise club and a board member of Isaiah 55 ministries in Reynosa, Mexico. He is a founding member of the San Antonio Angel Network and is the Executive Producer of Live at Jazz TX, a public radio broadcast. Sam is an Eagle Scout.


noun [tran-sekt]

A straight line or narrow section through an object or natural feature or across the earth's surface, along which observations are made or measurements taken


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