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Environmental Due Diligence Made Easy

Right now, you are paying thousands of dollars and waiting days upon days to have your proposed project sites professionally evaluated for environmental red flags. Not any more! Now, you can generate on-demand, in-depth, and highly-accurate environmental desktop reports with just a few clicks. 

Introducing: Transect Reports.

Transect Reports

Say goodbye to static, expensive environmental desktop reports.
Get on-demand due diligence reports with just a few clicks using Transect Report’s comprehensive analysis.

Here's How it Works

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What does a Transect Report Look Like? 

Transect Reports have an interactive map where you can explore & download all of the environmental data found on your project site. But a map is only useful if you know how the data will impact to your project. So, every Transect Report also has...

Site-specific analyses of the data on your project with expert insight into how environmental constraints will impact your project footprint, budget, and schedule.

Transect Report Examples

What's in a Transect Report?

Concern Levels

An easy-to-digest comprehensive overview of key environmental topics highlighting a high, medium, or low concern level based on onsite data, project context, and the regulatory setting.

Federal and State Environmental Regulation Icon

Transect searches our database of 1,000+ permits and pathways to determine which permits are required for the project area. 

Each Transect Report includes a list of applicable permits, a description of what triggered the permit, links to permit applications, permit timelines, and recommendations for next steps, like an onsite survey or agency coordination.

Endangered Species Icon Transect

Transect Reports have the most comprehensive online source of species regulatory and location data.

We have detailed profiles on more than 2,500 species at 600,000 sites. Data resolution ranges from USFWS ECOS county ranges down to known element occurrences.

Our data partnerships in multiple states ensure local and national species are accounted for. We combine our data with a site-specific habitat analysis to ensure that you know exactly which protected species may occur on your project.

Wetland Mapping

Including wetlands, streams, floodplains, and navigable waterways.

We’ve categorized 37,000,000+ waters and more than 1,300,000,000 acres of floodplains in 11 zones. We use this data to tell you exactly which federal and state waters-related regulations and permits could affect your project.

Protected Land Icon

Including EPA registered facilities, protected & tribal lands, soils, geology, parcels, transmission lines, substations, railroads, mines, landslide areas, elevation, and thousands of other site attributes that could affect your project footprint, schedule, or timeline.

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Why Choose Transect Reports?

A Consolidated System to Do Diligence Better

We set out to solve one thing: Help organizations do diligence faster, smarter, more accurately, and in a way that supports the future of our environment. 

Transect Reports make due diligence easy. 

Here’s what you get:

Programmatic approach across your organization to review prospective projects
Fast, concise, and actionable to meet deadlines and manage timelines
24/7 availability from home or the office via the cloud
Consolidated platform for data, map layers, and insight increasing decision-making velocity
Innovative technology automating manual processes to do diligence better
Best of all?   → No GIS skills needed

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Robin Laine, CEO & Co-Founder of Transect, introduces you to Transect and our products in this brief video.
“Transect is a great tool for providing rapid access to broad geographic datasets. It’s been a valuable addition to streamline our due diligence efforts during site screening, planning, land negotiations and M&A."
- Jason Thomas, Solar Developer

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