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Now in beta: Solar Pulse, an AI sentiment tool 


This tool provides select solar developers with insight into solar project momentum and community adoption.

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the concept

Community Sentiment


The term "community sentiment" encompasses the collective emotions, opinions, and attitudes of local communities towards solar power development projects in their region. 


community solar impacts
the solution

Solar Pulse, an AI sentiment tool


Transect's solar sentiment insights leverages cutting-edge AI tools to assess public sentiment towards solar energy. 

Solar developers in Transect's beta testing group for the tool are empowered to use this information to make more informed decisions regarding:

    • Solar energy initiatives

    • Outreach

    • Policy development

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How it works


Natural Language Processing (NLP)


The AI identifies keywords and phrases related to solar energy across a wide range of online sources using NLP techniques.



Sentiment Analysis


Advanced sentiment analysis algorithms categorize sentiment as positive, negative, or neutral, based on the content's language.



Trend Tracking


Machine learning models continuously track sentiment trends over time, allowing developers to gauge public perception and make informed decisions.

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