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Oil and Gas

The #1 bottleneck delaying all land development projects today is Environmental Permitting.

It currently takes weeks or months to receive an environmental critical issues analysis.

And it’s about to get worse.

We often hear, "I never thought about my due diligence needs that way."
So, we created a tool to help evaluate your what-ifs.

Getting Started with Transect is Easy

Step 1

Think about where you want to build your next project.

Step 2

Schedule a 20-minute demo to start your project in Transect.

Step 3

Witness navigating environmental risk in minutes - NOT WEEKS!

The Transect platform generates a fully detailed and accurate environmental report in minutes. Learn More >>


Be Empowered to Finally Take Control of Your Environmental Due Diligence


Schedule a 20 Minute Demo NOW

With Transect, do in minutes what used to take weeks if not months.


Spot Red Flags Faster

No more waiting on data gatekeepers or consultants. Get immediate site-specific information about waters of the U.S., protected species, cultural resources, slope, soils, vegetation, and other constraints that may affect your project success.


Predict Project Costs

Better predict your costs with count summaries of critical due diligence items intersected by a proposed project, like transportation and infrastructure crossings, wetland types and widths, political boundaries, transmission lines, and parcels.


Inform Integrity Digs

Species don’t turn around at pipeline easements. Get a quick assessment of the current environmental status on an asset prior to integrity management activities.

The oil and gas industry has a long history of successfully tackling the challenges around natural resources permitting and compliance. After all, what's good for the environment is good for business.

Midstream assets are particularly likely to incur environmental risk as they often route through rural or undeveloped areas, increasing the potential to intersect protected natural resources and other sensitive areas.

It no longer needs to be so complicated.

Mitigate risk with environmental reports that are more accurate, more detailed, and at a fraction of the cost. 

Transect reports have Critical Information for Oil & Gas Projects including:

  • Overall Concern Levels
  • Protected Land & Waters
  • Species of Concern
  • Open Regulations
  • Permit Requirements
  • Recommended Next Steps

Learn More >>

Transect has been one of the most useful and convenient tools I’ve used in my experience.
James Buchanan
Sr. Environmental Regulatory Compliance
Plains All American Pipeline

Download the eBook:

Environmental Permitting Exposed

The Broken System That Governs Land Development
+ What We Can Do About It


  • What's broken about the current environmental permitting process
  • Why this archaic process is unsustainable
  • What you can do about it How Transect is changing the game


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