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Renewable Energy

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The key to a successful renewable energy project is location, location, location.

Is your project location a liability?

The right location is not just about energy potential and nearby transmission capacity. Successful renewable energy site selection considers a full spectrum of onsite considerations like:

Federal, State, and Local Regulatory Requirements
Wildlife Resources
Waterways and Wetlands
Slope, Terrain, and Aspect
Soil Type and Quality
Land Cover
Protected Areas/Ownership
Parcel Size

Evaluate Project Risk in Minutes with Transect


Transect’s site selection and environmental due diligence tools, plus easy access to our in-house experts and marketplace integrations like deep dive local regulation research, makes the Transect platform a win for the whole team - from origination to planning to pre-construction.


Find Sites Faster

Use our site selection and environmental reporting tools to filter through potential projects 10x faster. 

Reduce Expenses

Stop going blind into landowner conversations. Reduce marketing expenses by targeting only sites that you know you can build on.

Local Regulation Insight

Find out if the local government allows your project type, what permits are required, and what restrictions apply using services in our Marketplace.

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Critical Information for Renewable Projects

Environmental reporting includes

Red Flag Concern Levels

Protected Land & Waters

Species of Concern

Local Regulations & Permits

State & Federal Permit Requirements

Recommended Next Steps

Critical Information for Renewable Projects

Environmental data and mapping for site selection includes 

Contours & Slopes

Species Hot Spots

Floodplains & Wetlands

NRHP Cultural Sites

Parcels & Protected Lands

And Many More!

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Free Site Selection + Environmental Due Diligence Tools

Data on map is just that. What you really need to know is the risk that data represents to your project footprint, budget, and timeline. Filter your project funnel faster and more accurately with Transect Vision + Reports.

Sign up for Transect today to get FREE access to a ton of our planning and environmental data, plus run your first Transect Report FREE!

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“[Transect is] very committed to Clenera's success in our critical issues analysis activities. The reports are concise and relevant, as well as reasonably priced.”

- Layne Ashton, Clēnera Renewable Energy

Expertise Outside the Map

Sometimes you need more:
more data, more research, more visibility, more help.

The Transect Marketplace makes it easy to browse and buy additional environmental services that help keep your project on track.

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Local Environmental Rules and Regulations
State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Records Search
Planning and Zoning Reports
Slope and Aspect Calculations