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The most important part of your job as a real estate developer is to manage risk.

Do you know how to identify those risks?

The physical and biological features of a site often determine development feasibility more than any other variable. 

Things like wetlands, protected species, or steep terrain could negatively affect the economics, developable footprint, or schedule of a real estate project. You’re used to relying on your engineer or consultant to tell you about environmental red flags during due diligence - but that is slow and expensive. Transect introduces a new standard of environmental due diligence. We couple lightning-fast database technology with in-house professional expertise to provide an automated environmental due diligence report in 90 seconds or less. 

You probably have to chase 100 deals to find the 1 that works. That chase is costly - the money used to chase the 99 ends up in the loss column. And the time used to chase the 99 is time that could have been spent on profitable deals. Any tool or service that is able to efficiently cut the time or dollars spent on deal pursuit and early stage due diligence is likely to produce significant return on investment.


Evaluate Project Risk in Minutes with Transect


Transect’s site selection and environmental due diligence tools, plus easy access to our in-house experts and marketplace integrations like deep dive local regulation research, makes the Transect platform a win for the whole team - from financing to land planning to development.



Access the information right when you want it - don’t wait until your engineer or consultant is on board.

Avoid Surprises

Easily get a snapshot of important due diligence items at the beginning of the acquisition to mitigate surprises in the late stages of feasibility period.

Available Nationwide

Developing in a new geographic area? Transect is available across the U.S., so you never have to start your research from scratch.

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Critical Information For Real Estate Developers

On-demand reporting includes:

Environmental Concern Levels

Public Lands

Species Habitat Assessments

Federal, State, and Local Regulations

Permit Requirements & Timelines

Recommended Next Steps

Critical Information for Real Estate Developers

Environmental data and mapping for site selection includes:

Parcels & Public Lands


Streams & Wetlands

NRHP Cultural Sites

Elevation, Slope & Contours


"For as fast and efficient as these reports are, it is crazy not to run one prior to spending additional time and money looking at a site."

Jeremy Jones,
Director of Multifamily Development at Ledcor

Expertise Outside the Map

Sometimes you need more:
more data, more research, more visibility, more help.

The Transect Marketplace makes it easy to browse and buy additional environmental services that help keep your project on track.

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Local Environmental Rules and Regulations
State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Records Search
Planning and Zoning Reports
Slope and Aspect Calculations