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Your clients are relying on you to inform their project feasibility.  Do you know all of the environmental boxes to check? 

While engineers may work on a variety of project types across a myriad of business sectors, natural resources identification, permitting, and compliance is a common challenge that many engineers face throughout the industry. 

Often the first to evaluate the feasibility of a project, early awareness and an understanding of the challenges that environmental constraints can cause empower engineers to more accurately portray project viability to clients and team members.

Transect supports these proficiencies by offering rapid turnaround times, cost efficiencies, and interactive and shareable results.


Give your clients better, smarter feasibility studies with Transect


Transect’s environmental mapping and due diligence tools, plus easy access to our in-house experts and marketplace integrations like deep dive local regulation research, makes the Transect platform a win for you and your client.


Strengthen Bid Proposals

Cost-effectively strengthen proposals and bid responses by identifying and accommodating potential environmental snags.

Provide Better Feasibility Studies

Generate more accurate feasibility studies with fast access to constraint data like wetlands and protected species, along with a permitting matrix, permit timelines, and survey recommendations.

On-demand Permitting Answers

Quickly answer questions about potential protected species or wetlands issues when assembling SWPPPs, city and county development applications, etc.

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Critical Information

Choose a site, anywhere in the US. And you’ll get an interactive, comprehensive evaluation of:

Overall Concern Levels

Protected Land & Waters

Species of Concern

Open Regulations

Permit Requirements

Recommended Next Steps

Critical Information

Simply select the site you’re considering for development. Then, use Transect Vision to see:

Contours & Slopes

Species Hot Spots

Floodplains & Wetlands

NRHP Cultural Sites

Parcels & Protected Lands

And Many More!

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Free Site Selection + Environmental Due Diligence Tools

Data on map is just that. What you really need to know is the risk that data represents to your project footprint, budget, and timeline. Filter your project funnel faster and more accurately with Transect Vision + Reports.

Sign up for Transect today to get FREE access to a ton of our planning and environmental data, plus run your first Transect Report FREE!

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"The support we received from the team and the quick turnaround time was outstanding. We are thrilled to have Transect in our toolkit." 

- Adam “Bo” Wall P.E.,
Slay Engineering

Expertise Outside the Map

Sometimes you need more:
more data, more research, more visibility, more help.

The Transect Marketplace makes it easy to browse and buy additional environmental services that help keep your project on track.

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Local Environmental Rules and Regulations
State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Records Search
Planning and Zoning Reports
Slope and Aspect Calculations