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142 Million New Parcels... and More New Features!

by Transect Team, on Dec 13, 2019

142 million parcels!

Nationwide parcel data. Now included with all subscriptions.

US Parcel Data

Parcel boundaries and data are important building blocks for anyone looking to develop a new project. But gathering parcel data can be time-consuming and expensive.

Transect listened to customers like you who wanted parcel data. We have partnered with a nationwide parcel provider, Landgrid, to offer parcel geometries and attributes to every Transect subscriber at no additional cost!

— — —
Transect is regularly adding new features to open the (regulatory) black box, speed up your diligence, and provide better answers. We'll be presenting new content each month on these topics. Here are a few updates:
More Context. Better Answers.
Waters are perhaps the most-slippery (and most-common) of regulatory hurdles to overcome. But if you have no intention of impacting the rivers, streams or wetlands that may be present on your site, then you deserve a report that gives you answers which consider that important context. So Transect has added a new context question that might substantially change the regulatory outlook of your project. Take a look at the new context questions when you create a new Project in Transect.
Opening the black box. Species of Concern? There's a lot to it!
Transect has gathered species data from the U.S. Fish and Willdlife Service, element occurrence datasets (where available), and numerous other regulatory and scientific sources. Transect considers the type and specificity of the species location data when considering how likely a species is to occur on your project. And Transect has begun to consider species habitat characteristics, determining if they are likely to be present within your project location. You can learn more about much of the data and logic that Transect considers by viewing the Definitions tab in the Species section of any Transect Report.
Speed up due diligence. There's more to the Reports Table
Many Transect users are running numerous Transect Reports for each project. Whether there is a change in the potential alignment/footprint, or you're considering an all-new location for a project, Transect can give you a faster comparison of potential concerns across sites than any other tool.

And it just got faster. Transect has added context and concern levels (for Species, Waters, Protected Areas, and Environmental Compliance) to the tabular Reports view. Now you can compare the regulatory friction each of your sites is up against without even opening the full report. Take a look at the new Reports view and see how easy it is to compare sites now!
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