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How Transect is Helping Companies Navigate Environmental Due Diligence

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A crucial step in any development project is managing environmental risk. It is critical for an efficient and effective process, and crucial to project success. An unexpected two-year permit timeline? No, thanks. Wetlands buffers that take up 1/4th of the site footprint? Nope, do not pass go.

Traditionally, developers have relied on environmental consultants to provide "desktop reports" to identify and explain environmental risk around issues like protected species, wetlands, cultural resources, permitting timelines, and more. But that solution always leaves them wanting more: more data, more maps, more specifics - consultants can only do so much research by-hand and can only fit so much information into a PDF report. Plus, developers are waiting days or weeks for consultants to collect the information, when they needed it yesterday, wasting critical due diligence time.

Developers need an on-demand site selection and environmental due diligence solution that is accurate and cost-effective. 


Transect combines decades of environmental consulting experience, hundreds of regulations, and millions of data points, with some super cool technology to provide a comprehensive platform that makes site selection and environmental due diligence easy for project developers.

In just a few minutes, developers can see all of the environmental data applicable to their project, easy-to-understand concern ratings, a site-specific permit matrix, survey recommendations, next steps, and more. 

I use the entire Transect Report as I develop a given project's critical issues analysis. I'm pleased with all the features. I couldn't be more pleased. -Layne Ashton, Clēnera


By using Transect, our customers have streamlined their development efforts, saving time and money and increasing their project success.


Consultants bill hourly, and they are expensive. Transect practically eliminates the repetitive, labor-intensive research that is typically conducted as part of a traditional desktop report. We conduct the research ONE time, then make that information 'automagically' available in our app. The cost savings from the labor reduction is passed on to our customers.

$7.3M Estimated Total Cost Savings *


Waiting days to weeks to identify environmental risk on your site? Nobody has time for that. Transect provides everything you need to know about environmental risk on your site in 5 minutes or less. 

265,000 Hours Estimated Time Savings **

Transect has been one of the most useful and convenient tools I've used in my experience. Thanks for all the support over the last year plus. Your willingness to listen to (and seek out) customer feedback and implement updates and improvements based on those interactions has been one of the best features - James C. Buchanan, Sr. Environmental Regulatory Compliance, Plains All American

Sign up today to get FREE access to some of Transect's due diligence tools, with an option to upgrade later. We guarantee you will save time, save money, and increase your success as a project developer.

* As compared to average costs for a consultant-prepared environmental due diligence desktop reports

** In most U.S. locations 

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