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Fully Tailor Your Environmental Risk Analysis

Guardians of the Clean Water Act

How Engineers Are Gaining a Competitive Edge by Quickly Identifying Environmental Concerns

How to Save Your Project From Permitting Delays

How Renewable Developers Reduce Their Site Prospecting Time by Half

A Systematic Approach to Site Selection with Transect

How a Seasoned Renewable Developer Alleviated Development Pain Points With Transect

New Distribution Line Data to Aid Future Renewable and Infrastructure Development Projects

How Transect is Helping Companies Navigate Environmental Due Diligence

3 Ways Transect Can Benefit Every Solar Developer

NWP Reissuance, NWP 12 and the Energy Industry

2021 Nationwide Permits: Pre-Publication Notice

What It Means: American Burying Beetle Status Change

Project Impacts to Birds are Once Again Illegal under the MBTA

USACE is proposing to split up Nationwide Permit 12; PCN may be required for all new pipelines over 250 miles

Update on Federal Protection for the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard

New Rule Limits States’ Ability to Block Pipelines Under CWA Section 401 Certification

Update: NWP 12 Vacated Only for New O&G Pipelines

Final Waters Rule; Ephemeral Streams Not Regulated under CWA 404

NWP 12 Vacated – Utilities May Need New Route for Wetlands Permitting

Transect Makes Solar CIAs Easy

Unintentional Harm to Migratory Birds is Lawful under USFWS Proposed Rule

Additional ESA Protections Possible for Northern Long-eared Bat

EPA Proposes an Unprecedented Rollback of the Clean Water Act

142 Million New Parcels... and More New Features!

Now Available in All States & Reports Have a New Look

Transect & Drillinginfo Partner to Improve Environmental Due Diligence for the Energy Market

Trump Hopes To Remove Dry Streams, Some Wetlands from WOTUS

Weyerhaeuser Update: Critical Habitat Should Actually Be Habitat

What’s the Difference? Transect v. Phase I ESA

The Supreme Court Is Considering Critical Habitat (And It Could Impact Your Project)

WOTUS Update: More States Sidestep Clean Water Rule

Enforcement Of The Migratory Bird Treaty Act: A Bird In The Hand…Or Fowl Play?

Muddy Waters For Clean Water Act Permitting

3 Surprising Truths about Environmental Permitting

Proposed Changes to the Endangered Species Act